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Nokia E71: A hands-on review for SA customers

Tech Leader
  • Conclusion: Are you iPhone-obsessed? Don’t bother with the E71. It just doesn’t give the experience that Apple’s killer phone provides. If you’re not obsessed, and if you’re one of the experienced few who realise a phone without a keyboard will present problems when firing off large emails, then I would...
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Samsung Samsung Wave GT-S8500 review

My Broadband
  • Summary: Samsung is coming to the touchscreen smartphone arena with a bang in releasing the new Samsung Wave, designation GT-S8500, into this rapidly-crowding high-end handset sector.
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HTC Desire Z review

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  • Summary: The HTC Desire Z is the spiritual successor to the HTC Dream, but packs hardware more akin to that of the Desire and Desire HD. What sets it apart from the flood of Android smartphones hitting our shores?
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HTC Flyer review

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  • Summary: The HTC Flyer is HTC’s first attempt to enter the Android tablet PC market. We take it to class and back to see how it handles.
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Huawei Red Bull Mobile HD (Huawei U8800) review

My Broadband
  • Summary: We take a look at the RBM HD Android smartphone – aka the Huawei U8800
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