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Nokia E71: A hands-on review for SA customers

Tech Leader
  • Conclusion: Are you iPhone-obsessed? Don’t bother with the E71. It just doesn’t give the experience that Apple’s killer phone provides. If you’re not obsessed, and if you’re one of the experienced few who realise a phone without a keyboard will present problems when firing off large emails, then I would seriously consider this latest Nokia offering. I don’t watch movies on my phone. I don’t need to rotate photos. I don’t listen to music on my phone.
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BlackBerry 9720

  • Conclusion: Thanks to its lower specs and consequently more affordable pricetag, as well as its support of BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) , BlackBerry’s 9720 is able to compete within a lower price range than the company’s BlackBerry 10 powered devices. The 9720 goes for a recommended retail price of R2 600, which is R600 more than the cost of the LG Optimus L5 II and R700 more than Nokia’s Lumia 520 , both of which offer a more compelling and well rounded smartphone experience.
  • Pros: Delivers very good touch and type experience on the go., Multicast., Supports BIS., Dedicated BBM button., FM Radio on a BlackBerry.
  • Cons: Not as up to date spec wise compared to rivals smartphones., OS is not on par with rival platforms or BlackBerry 10.
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BlackBerry Z10 part 2

  • Conclusion: The BlackBerry Z10 is without a doubt the best smartphone the Canadian firm has ever produced. This news will be best received by existing users of the BlackBerry platform, since life can continue within a familiar environment. With the Z10, one can stay with the BlackBerry platform, seeing that it is on-par with other smartphones currently on offer. The question is will BlackBerry users continue doing so, especially with BIS now something of the past ?
  • Pros: Eye-catching design, Great display, Good camera capable, CPU coupled with lots of RAM, Plenty of connectivity options, Intuitive, gesture based OS
  • Cons: Battery life not class leading, Will be competing with better specced devices soon, App tally on BlackBerry World far behind the competition
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Sony Xperia Z1

  • Conclusion: The Xperia Z1 is another great all-round smartphone from Sony that looks and feels premium in hand. More importantly it has the CPU and camera to back up its flagship credentials. It goes for a recommended retail price of R9 900, which is a tad expensive seeing that you can get a Samsung Note 3 or S4 for less.
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BlackBerry Q10

  • Conclusion: The BlackBerry Q10’s tried and tested design had many loyal users patiently waiting for the release of the smartphone, in order to make the jump to BlackBerry 10. It offers the classic form factor (touch and type) they were used to employing on older Curve , Bold and even Torch devices, but wrapped up in a more stylish package running the company’s newest software. BlackBerry traditionalists will love this phone.
  • Pros: Premium build and design., Eye-popping colours and excellent viewing angles from the Super AMOLED display., Fast and fluid operation thanks to 2 GB RAM and quick processor., Runs the latest version of BlackBerry OS - namely 10.1., Excellent touch and type user experience., Expandable storage.
  • Cons: Expensive., Screen too small to enjoy videos or comfortably browse web pages.
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