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Nokia E71: A hands-on review for SA customers, HTC Flyer review, Red Bull Mobile HD (Huawei U8800... See newest reviews

Nokia E71: A hands-on review for SA customers

Tech Leader
  • Conclusion: Are you iPhone-obsessed? Don’t bother with the E71. It just doesn’t give the experience that Apple’s killer phone provides. If you’re not obsessed, and if you’re one of the experienced few who realise a phone without a keyboard will present problems when firing off large emails, then I would...
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HTC Flyer review

My Broadband
  • Summary: The HTC Flyer is HTC’s first attempt to enter the Android tablet PC market. We take it to class and back to see how it handles.
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Huawei Red Bull Mobile HD (Huawei U8800) review

My Broadband
  • Summary: We take a look at the RBM HD Android smartphone – aka the Huawei U8800
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The iPhone 3GS (from an SA perspective)

Tech Leader
  • Conclusion: Rating: Nine out of 10. (Would have been 10 if the price was equivalent to 3G before 3GS launch or the battery was better.)
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Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

  • Excerpt: The Nokia 5320 XpressMusic is not a slide phone or worse, a flip-phone; what we are dealing with here is a device that really doesn’t come with a huge amount of pointless hype or features, like some of the more recent Nokia models.
  • Pros: It is very lightweight, boasts HSDPA speeds and has 140 MB of internal memory.
  • Cons: The main-menu button is placed poorly, the camera is average and the battery life is terrible.
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