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Nintendo Switch

  • Excerpt: It has been two weeks since the Nintendo Switch launched worldwide, and with a custom NVidia mobile GPU, awesome Joy-Con devices, and a solid tablet experience, the Nintendo Switch has redefined how I look at handheld gaming.
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Xbox One S

  • Excerpt: Ed notes: Yes, I am quite aware that the Xbox One S has been out for a while now both in the US and in SA. The console launched in August last year, and we only received it in April in SA.
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Hands-on: The Xbox One Experience UI

  • Excerpt: The Xbox One has certainly come into its own this year, with a number of superb exclusives. However, one area where the console has lagged behind the PS4 has been its interface. It wasn’t terrible, it just hasn’t been the most intuitive or nearly as quickly accessible as Sony’s console.
  • Pros: New features, Streamlined, More accessible, Introduced backward compatibility
  • Cons: Not all Xbox 360 games compatible yet, Patching required
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Sony PlayStation 4

  • Excerpt: For a console that sold out locally in its first 24 hours, it’s fair to call the PS4 launch a resounding success. Is this Sony’s best console ever? At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, it’s only when you go hands on with Sony’s newest next gen console that you realise just how good it actually is.
  • Pros: Powerful, Beautiful graphics, Much improved controller, Slick interface, Interesting sharing functionality
  • Cons: Fairly expensive, First batch sold out very quickly, Fuller game library still needs to accummulate
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Xbox One S – A Great Appetizer Before The Main Course

Fortress of Solitude
  • Conclusion: The Xbox One S is a great value proposition to anyone looking to purchase their first gaming console. Whether you should upgrade from the original Xbox One or make the switch from a PS4 is a whole other debate.
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